I wasn’t really prepared to see this at my grandfather’s funeral on Saturday, but I’m glad I did.
This is my father’s. He died of a drug and alcohol overdose the day I turned 24. We had a memorial service in Denver without his remains because the toxicology testing took weeks. My family scattered his ashes in Montana the next year though I was unable to attend. They placed this plaque next to my uncle’s (who also died as a result of drugs and alcohol when I was 15).

Cory Monteith died from an overdose this weekend, and though he accepted his addiction and sought help, he still succumbed to his demons. Please do not allow this to happen to you.

I know that addiction is a disease, but it is also a choice.

If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, tell someone who loves you. I watched my dad destroy himself from the inside and it still scars my little heart. Please ask for help.

You are far too important.

P.S. My grandfather was a sweet, careful man, but he suffered from alcohol-induced dementia for years. He was gone a long time before I said goodbye.