WWII novel “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?” FREE on Kindle today for Christmas!


Merry Christmas everyone!
My publisher, the Sunbury Press, has made my WWII historical novel free on Kindle today! Tons of great reviews, so please go grab a copy. Or 5…

You can even gift it to that WWII buff in your life, you just need their email address! And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it with a variety of Kindle apps for your phone, tablet, or computer! Just scroll down and I have the links available on my Memorial Day post. Have a beautiful Christmas Day.

FREE Kindle download of “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?” by Carrie Nyman


Free for Christmas! Kindle download of my WWII novel “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??”

Free Kindle for Carrie Christmas

My publisher, the Sunbury Press, is giving away Kindle versions of my WWII novel today (normally $9.99)!

Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? This would certainly class it up a bit 😉

A Christmas letter from Don on December 25, 1941

Hello all!

I’ll have a special announcement about my novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? in just a minute but here’s a little Christmas treat for all you WWII and WAYSLM fans.


December 25, 1941 – Fort Leonard Wood Missouri stationary:

Company “L” 63rd Infantry

Sixth Infantry Division

Christmas Eve

Dear Baby,

Honey, mere words can’t possibly express the way I feel about the perfectly swell gift you’ve sent me. I feel a little guilty that you spent that kind of money on a watch for me – I know you’re broke as can be now. It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Baby, you have a deep-rooted good taste that proves itself in everything you do except men and after all you can’t do everything right.

Thank you also for the splendid cake. The other soldiers also really appreciated it.

Baby, I hope next year will be nicer and we’ll be together. I love you so Baby, the boys must think I’m cracked the way I rave around here all the time.

C.M. gave me something real nice. Please thank her for me since I’m too lazy to ever send her a letter, or too thotless. I miss you awfully. Wish we got married at New Years. It is tough but we’ve got to be brave and strong-willed about it. I still hope to off [sic] New Years and will call or wire in plenty time – tho I don’t know what we’d do up there, Bobby and Johnny will try to arrange something.

I’m sad I have to work in the kitchen the tomorrow but it will still be a swell Christmas because I hope to see the best Baby in the world – Oh, Baby, how I love you – you’ll never know. Honey be good, write me baby doll. I love you honey, and God bless you for being the inspiration for a beautiful Christmas Eve. Special prayer for Xmas: that we ‘make it.’