FREE Kindle Download for 4th of July weekend!

Free Kindle for Carrie Independence Day

My publisher is making my WWII novel available for free on Kindle this weekend! It’s based on the true story of Honey and Don, and has won many fans and excellent reviews (and it’s free until Sunday night! yea!) If you love old-fashioned love stories with a historical/military bent, you’ll love Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??

Update: Currently sitting at #39 in Historical Fiction!


Black Forest Fire



Hey friends! Sorry I’ve been away lately. My husband has been off fighting fires and I’ve been editing/submitting my second project, the YA Fantasy ASHES & EMPIRES, which (coincidentally) focuses on a massive wildfire in Arapahoe National Forest: an area devastated by pine beetles. Two friends lost houses in the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs and a couple more lost a barn and garage, but some have been able to find strength in this loss. Hope you are doing well, and keep writing!



Image Credit: Bronwen Maxson (books destroyed in her garage)

Top Image Credit: Toby Partridge

Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? is FREE on Kindle eBook in honor of D-Day


My publisher has made my WWII novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? FREE for Kindle today! It’s just an old-fashioned love story based on fact, and uses military and US history to enrich an already fascinating plot.

There are just a few hours left, so please go grab a copy! And if you don’t have a Kindle, you can get a Kindle app for your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Update: my book is now #27 in historical fiction and #66 in historical romance! Thank you!


Happy Memorial Day

Remember that Memorial Day is not to celebrate those that came home, but to honor those that didn’t.

Today, think on those that gave everything they had for this rebellious nation, whether it’s your great-grandfather who served in WWI or a friend who was lost in Iraq.

Also, for Memorial Day, my publisher has put my WWII novel “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??” (based on a true story) on sale for $4.99 on Kindle. Please read the sample. Hope you like it.

Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?!






Alabaster and faded burgundy

Wine-tinged lips

Whisper to me from three days ago

Call between six and nine

Death got in my way: goodnight

Crash wrenches away the steering wheel, his shoulders separate

Flashes of his outstretched hands, car rolling

Walking down Olive I search for him

Find only shattered stained glass and bits of metal

Grope the ground for a figment, something

I should have held onto

Following the hearse I hear his voice

Don’t carry on like this

Both my hands collide


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The Firefighter’s Wife

Waldo Canyon Fire coming into Mountain Shadows

Waldo Canyon Fire coming into Mountain Shadows

For the Waldo Canyon Fire, Colorado College will host an exhibit of work (poems, photos) commemorating those who endured and volunteered for the fire effort. Here is my (reworked) submission for the exhibit:

The Firefighter’s Wife

I am a car crash
Cranked metal twisting
Freshly destroyed
I am not rusted
The fury of my hands colliding
Asking why asking how asking for anything at all because an answer would be better than this
And yet not
It’s not about me
Distorted in shock
In guilt
And yet it must be hidden: shame of undiluted fear for others
It was never about me
It’s about children needing me to hold it together
It’s my love on a fiery mountainside as the flame front spreads out tentacles lashing
Unblinking they fight
Terror packed in back bunker pockets
It’s not there
Yet how can I tell them he’s safe
When he’s subduing and running and choking on smoke
No room for bruises when reassurance is the most important thing
So I lie
To everyone
Skeleton trees
Ash strewn in the air catching tongues
Catching catching gleaning peaking short
The rocks
Scorched but incapable of conducting
A wasted effort
Directed redirected reaching arching
Something more
These are the foothills of my young life
These are Jenner
The trauma has passed in the wind wisps faded
Embers blown
Eyes streaming and for what
Nightmares shall pass
Hunger shall return
And this is only part of a sea of restless Colorado summers where yellowed ash
Collects on windshields overnight
For certainly we are lucky happy family
It is through
Through to color memories of insufficiencies and bittersweet consolation prizes
Certain and savor the notion that we are lucky happy
No longer
– Carrie Nyman

Authorgraph: get your eBook e-signed or inscribed by the author! Like Carrie Nyman, perhaps?

People have often asked me at book signings, “what do I do if I have an eBook copy of your novel?” and I never had a good answer until now.

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I might be late to the party, but is an awesome (and free!) service where you can request that a novelist e-sign your Kindle or Nook version of their book! It’s super easy to sign up and is a great way to get in touch with authors. My book is free on Kindle today, so you can get both a book and an inscription for free and without having to leave the comfy place where you are currently reading this…unless you’re in a crowded store and just bored while waiting in line ;D