Happy Memorial Day

Remember that Memorial Day is not to celebrate those that came home, but to honor those that didn’t.

Today, think on those that gave everything they had for this rebellious nation, whether it’s your great-grandfather who served in WWI or a friend who was lost in Iraq.

Also, for Memorial Day, my publisher has put my WWII novel “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??” (based on a true story) on sale for $4.99 on Kindle. Please read the sample. Hope you like it.

Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?!



3 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. On Memorial Day, I honor everyone who served, because even those who came home left behind their innocence and returned with scars, some outwardly visible, and others carried within.

    I hope your book does well today.

  2. I’ve just noticed that many are confusing Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day! Though I do believe it’s wise (and best) to be thankful for what we have as well as what we’ve lost. And thanks so much!

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