Alabaster and faded burgundy

Wine-tinged lips

Whisper to me from three days ago

Call between six and nine

Death got in my way: goodnight

Crash wrenches away the steering wheel, his shoulders separate

Flashes of his outstretched hands, car rolling

Walking down Olive I search for him

Find only shattered stained glass and bits of metal

Grope the ground for a figment, something

I should have held onto

Following the hearse I hear his voice

Don’t carry on like this

Both my hands collide


image credit: everythingsright.com


3 thoughts on “Pilate

    • You are so sweet! I got sick right after the Pikes Peak Writing Conference and then I got a nasty liver infection called Epstein-Barr, which can cause Mono but hasn’t yet. I’m finished with my second book and I had a meeting with an agent that wants it; however, I haven’t been well enough to edit my synopsis (which she requested)! Thanks for checking in on me. It means a lot 🙂

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