A second letter to Honey, just before Pearl Harbor, November 18, 1941

“Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me??” for the Sunbury Press   carrienyman.com

Sorry all! This letter is a couple days late (I blame this crazy weekend).

This is the follow-up that Don sent to Honey (the main characters in my novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? which was published by the Sunbury Press earlier this year). Most of his letters switch between wanting to break up with Honey for her own good and being wildly jealous of the men she works with at the hospital; this is the former. He did not feel in moderation.

Side note: My novel is 50% off on Kindle for $4.99. The second edition has been edited and the fonts restored to how they are meant to be seen (thrilling, I know!)

November 18, 1941 – Fort Leonard Wood stationary

Dear Cotton,

Blue, how’s my Baby; I got your letter today. We don’t [know] whether we’re going anywhere, but probably will leave Thurs or Fri for a couple of weeks.

Blue, this is so damned hard on you – I hate myself for not having guts enough to have broken up a long time ago – I’ve been nothing but trouble to you – last week in St. Louis I realized how many nice guys there are around for a nice gal to team up with – somebody more or less sure to succeed and more or less stable disposition so he’s be easy to get along with. I’m sure you could pick out someone better. You’re a tremendous bargain for anyone. It keeps praying on my mind.

If you just picked someone out, you could like him just as easy because you are adaptable. You could care for him pretty easily if you tried. Bobby or Johnny would be a good example, just like you went with that Emmett. I’m deadly serious Blue.

I’m sorry for breaking us up. I been nothing but grief to you. I wish I encouraged the match instead of raising the roof and acting like a fool. He was a lot better suited to you emotionally and that’s something that will probably give us trouble if we stay together. I’d be happy if you were happy and well taken care of. I’m not at all sure that I’m good enough for you. Read ‘The Citadel’ by A.J. Crown and you’ll realize why Joe is a good bet. I’m not just being fatalistic. You’re so marvelously adaptable you could love anyone of dozens of different men if they were your type.

Anyway Blue, I’m tired of making you miserable and it’s going to stop also I’m going to try to see you happy yet somehow tho I’ve surely messed up all along. You’re such a perfect girl it’s hard to say any of this but it’s still true.You have absolutely no use for some damned failure.

                                                                        Be good, Baby love and kisses

                                                                        DK Shepard


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