A letter to Honey, just before Pearl Harbor, on November 17, 1941

Hey friends and fans,
I’ve been recovering from surgery, but the edit on my second work (the YA Fantasy EMPIRE) is coming along.

I thought I’d share a letter that helped me in writing my first book, Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? (which is still on sale for Kindle this week for $4.99). At this point in history, Don was still a Private at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. He enlisted in the Army after his father bought him out of his Navy commission. Here, you can see how much the training took out of him. Hope you enjoy Don’s words to Honey as much as I did:

November 17, 1941 – Fort Leonard Wood stationary

Dear Honey,

Baby, I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been too beaten down and disgusted, I’ve just hated to write and make you feel miserable too. First and foremost I want to thank you a thousand times for that swell birthday stuff – you are really OK, Blue, 100% and tops and cream of the crop etc.

Blue, I’m a little bigger than that lovely sweater is but I believe it will stretch.

My dream and ambition has been to get into Officers Training School and if I made the grade we could get hitched decently and honestly. As it is, I’m nothing – I’m just beginning to realize how God-damned poor a man I am – I’m really getting my damned conceit knocked out.

Blue, I believe maybe your mother is right not liking me – she sees something in me that’s lacking – some damned big fault that it took the army to bring out. But I’m the one that will decide if I’m good enough for you.

Captain Carroll hates my guts. Makes everything worse. I’m about ready to go completely nuts here.

I have to go on a trip for strike duty. I probably won’t be back for a few weeks as they try to contain the strike crowds, which I hope, doesn’t interfere with Christmas.

Blue, I love you but the way I’m beginning to feel, I’m not so sure it’s for the best.

                                                                        I love you, Blue.

Lt. DK Sanders

Image credit: everythingsright.com


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