What’s my villain’s name? Please vote!

Ok, fans, I need some help again! I’ve been reading a lot lately, and I’ve come across several characters (however, they are never villains) with the same name as a major character in my next work, EMPIRE. So please take a second to vote for your favorite! Thank you all.

Here’s a short description:

Samantha “Sam” Bruce is the spoiled yet neglected daughter of a top tier fashion designer. She enjoys modern dance and sailing. In prep school, she befriends Haven (the main character, named after my daughter) only after perpetrating an act that leaves her friendless. She is willowy with straight black hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She is manipulative and holds onto secrets until an advantageous moment arrives, but she has a generous spirit and a way of helping/comforting others when no one else can.


Update: After this poll and speaking with my editor and an author friend, we are going with Sonora Bruce! Thanks so much for your input (as I’ll be asking for it again soon!)


17 thoughts on “What’s my villain’s name? Please vote!

      • I was playing off the dark-haired beauty. They say the most beautiful women in Mexico come from Sonora (I’ve been there twice–they ain’t lyin). A dad who once upon a time fell in love with a woman from Sonora and named his daughter that–well, that’d add a whole new dimension to father-daughter/mother-daughter/husband-wife relationships. Anyway awesome writer, have fun!

  1. I’d think the fashion designer might have been a bit creative with her/his daughter’s name: Adriana, Saoirse, Nonnie, Manon or Ribbon. Reading the comments above – I love Sonora. Good luck!

  2. After I read your description Violet was the name that immediately popped into my head. It’s seemed like the name of a beautiful girl with a sweet exterior but whose intentions are dark.

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