June 21, 1944: 2 weeks after the Normandy invasion, Don Shepard wrote a love letter to his wife in America

For my WWII historical fiction novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? I had the privilege of reading the love letters that my grandmother saved from her husband, Don (all 130 of them). I was going through the scrapbook tonight and I found this one. Given that it is officially 68 years old, I thought I’d share it with you. It has Don’s typical (read: illegible) handwriting, but it was large enough to read because it was not a V-mail letter (for an explanation of Victory Mail during WWII, click here). I took out misspellings and added certain punctuation marks for clarity.

June 21, 1944

Dear Piggy:

We’ve been busy as little bees, so haven’t written much lately. I’ve been getting mail from you and God takes a kick out of your little problems, peddling the car. Honey, you won’t get a million dollars for car that has had the tail run off it. I’m so proud of the old girl getting us around […] Get what you can for it before you get hurt driving. Glad to hear the medic gave you a favorable report, and am terrifically pleased to hear you feel so well. Got a letter from Bobby, who still thinks I’m in Texas. Appears to be very happy with his Italian bride. What the hell he was thinking of I’ll never know, but she sounds OK. Hope you’re getting mail from me as I’m writing pretty well. I feel pretty good, Baby, crazy about my Piggy, as usual. Honey, your last letter went into detail about Sundays – hard on me to hear it. But it surely sounded good. Say hello to everyone, wish Buddy luck, all of it, the Air Corps is really working over here. This whole effort is the big thing and going like hell all the time, it won’t be too long now. Well, Best of it, Baby. Be a good girl, take care of yourself, don’t work too hard, and please don’t worry. Don’t forget if you worry you won’t be healthy and then you won’t do a big job for Mother’s Day.

Love and kisses, Baby,



8 thoughts on “June 21, 1944: 2 weeks after the Normandy invasion, Don Shepard wrote a love letter to his wife in America

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I actually really enjoyed reading through that because this feels like a real, human and normal letter – as opposed to the cliched wartime letters that pop-culture often over-exposes instead of occassionally showing a voice-over montage with a letter that read like this (sort of).
    And thanks for dropping by my site, always nice to see a new face.

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