Last day to download Carrie Nyman’s WWII novel for free on Kindle

To honor our veterans for Memorial Day, my publisher, the Sunbury Press, put the Kindle version of Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? up for free this week. What they did not anticipate was that there would be over 30,000 downloads in four days and that it would be in the top downloads for fiction since it was released. It’s surreal to know that that many people are reading my work. Here’s a short description:

In the summer of 1939, Camille “Honey” Shaughnessy drives to St. Louis University, determined not to fall into the familiar pattern of date, marry, stay home with children and create a life of unfulfilled possibility, but she could not foresee falling for Don Shepard. Constructed from 130 letters of Don’s letters (dating from 1938 to 1944), telegrams, military records, and recorded interviews, Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? is a historically accurate narrative, teaching what Don always said: “Love is the big thing.”

***I promise to have more blogs about writing up but things have been a little crazy this week!

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