#3 in the nation for FREE Kindle books…my mind is BLOWN

My novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? had 8000 downloads yesterday, which makes me #1 in historical fiction (I even set a record for my publisher!) and now it’s chilling in the #3 spot for FREE fiction Kindle books…right next to the 3rd 50 Shades of Grey book…

But I can’t put into words how floored I am that my book is doing this well. Please download it (what do you have to lose?), review it, reblog and retweet it. The more people that have my book in their hands, the better. I don’t mind that it’s free this week because I know that this will pay off in spades and the important thing is that my grandparents’ story is read by those who would appreciate it. In fact, the only I can show how happy/excited/surprised I feel is through one of my favorite pop songs (though I really am a rock kinda girl at heart!)

So if you have a Kindle (but they do have Kindle apps for Mac and PC and even smart phones) and enjoy an old fashioned love story, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks to everythingsright.com and my sister-in-law at mandymary.com for the images


13 thoughts on “#3 in the nation for FREE Kindle books…my mind is BLOWN

  1. Congrats Carrie! Not too many debut authors can say they share your success. I’m in awe. But you deserve it. Your book (and your grandmother’s story) definitely deserve to be shared with many, many more. As I already told you, I really enjoyed it myself. (I did leave reviews for you, by the way!).

    • Thank you so much Joan! I really appreciate your doing so! I am not seeing them up yet (unless they’re under a pseudonym?) but I excited to hear your feedback. It’s flattering to have another writer appreciate my work!

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