FREE Kindle download of my WWII novel this week!

To honor our veterans for Memorial Day, my novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?? will be free on Kindle (it’s normally $9.99) until Friday! My book has received excellent reviews and it’s on the best seller lists from my publisher, the Sunbury Press. So if you have a Kindle (or know people that do!) then please take some time to look at reviews and give it a try. I’d really appreciate your feedback! Here are the links! I’ve included the print versions – just in case! There are links to giveaways of signed print books in my post from yesterday as well.

♥ Carrie (jumping up and down like a little kid with cupcake)

Amazon – Kindle yea!!

UPDATE: 12th in Historical Fiction on Kindle right now!

Amazon – print

Barnes and Nobel – print

For a synopsis and other little tidbits on this book – and writing in general – see my blog (yes, this one!) and my website,

Also, there are more pictures on my book’s Facebook page:


9 thoughts on “FREE Kindle download of my WWII novel this week!

  1. How cool to see your book in the shop! Congratulations!

    Also, thanks a bunch for liking my post “Poetry Monday – Jason Schneiderman” Your support is so appreciated and I do hop you’ll stop by in the future 🙂

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