First Book Signing for Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?

Poor Richards bookstore in downtown Colorado Springs was gracious in offering to have a book signing for my WWII historical fiction novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me? It went really well! I did two readings and a Q & A session (if you write books, this is super fun). As such, I wanted to share some things that I did for – or learned from – this experience.

  1. Order too many books. I ran out! Whatever you think is enough, order more.
  2. Publicize the event on Twitter and in local newspapers. I had several people who came (mostly because of copious retweets of the event) that did not know about the book before that.
  3. Dress up. As my mother says: “When in doubt, overdress.”
  4. Get a professional photographer (or a friend who’s great with a camera) to take pictures of the signing. Get shots with readers and put them up on your website (or novel FB wall). Have two chairs, one for you and one for a fan (but a bench is even better!) More pictures should be up later today on too!
  5. Check out the space and drop off flyers. I did printed cards, like invitations, with my book cover on them which included all pertinent information.
  6. Bring flowers, especially if you mention any specific ones in your book. I brought peach roses.
  7. Bring a picture or a poster of your book cover (you can probably get signage from your publisher). I brought a picture of Honey (my MC) and a British WWII slogan: YOUR COURAGE, YOUR CHEERFULNESS, YOUR RESOLUTION WILL BRING US VICTORY
  8. Make sure you have plenty of business cards or bookmarks for readers that serve as reminders to review your work on sites like Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads.
  9. When writing inscriptions (with your favorite pen!) on the title page, make sure you get their name right! Even if you think you know how to spell it (I had a reader named Cathie that reminded me of this!) Personalize your message (how embarrassing would it be if readers compared your writing and found them to be identical). Also, include a thank you and maybe even a quote from your novel.
  10. Ask readers for their feedback.

Here are a few more pictures from the event. Hope you enjoy your signing! (It’ll happen someday!)

Author, and my mentor, Mark Graham (from the upcoming THE NATANZ DIRECTIVE which will be printed by the St. Martin's Press in September)

Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me? on the bestseller shelf

My mother and sister holding my daughter, Adeline