Free Will: the root all evil and all goodness

My work-in-progress, which is very different from my WWII historical fiction novel Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me, is YA fantasy fiction with themes with teenage love, death, guilt, and redemption…sprinkled with the desire for teenage normalcy. In the MS, there are individuals who have heard God speak to them, and therefore, lost their humanity (*the rest of this post desires a belief in God, and so if you disagree, you may not appreciate it*). What is the basis of humanity? How do you take it away? The answer is obvious: free will.

Freedom separates a man from a slave while free will separates a man from an angel. Throughout my work, bad things happen and the MC must try to understand why God would allow that (if there is a God at all). The point of this story is to answer and explain certain questions that teens have about religion in general. For instance, if God is benevolent, why doesn’t God just kill all the bad people in the world with silent heart attacks before they complete their evil pursuits? We wouldn’t have free will then. Humanity is the best and worst of everything. We have heroes and selfless, devoted people in the world who sacrifice everything for those that they love or don’t even know.

Here is a perfect example: this is video of a 13 year old boy saving a school bus full of kids on Seventh grader saves out of control bus

We also have monsters, people like Josh Powell who murdered his two boys and then killed himself in a fiery blast.  When I was in high school, a woman named Jacine Galinski was kidnapped by two young men, taken to an elementary school down the street from my house where she was raped, stabbed, and murdered. No one heard her cries for help, or (what’s worse) they ignored them. I believed that if anyone ever deserved the death penalty, these men did (and I hoped that they’d rot in hell for their sins). As a teen, I wrestled with the notion that God could have kept this from happening and didn’t. As I grew up, I realized that God has His purposes, and that the death penalty is a judgment reserved for God. God gave us free will to follow him or ignore him, to dedicate our lives to Him or to our own selves.

So, my question is, what would happen if God spoke to you? How would that affect your life? Would it take away free will? What about freedom? And what would happen to you (if Earth is reserved for humans)?


4 thoughts on “Free Will: the root all evil and all goodness

  1. I just got off the phone with my wife. There was a sweetness and joy in her voice. I don’t always here this when she speaks. If God spoke to me, would I believe it? Would I listen? I don’t know. Peter seemed to have difficulty with this sometimes as well.

    “What is the basis of humanity? How do you take it away? The answer is obvious: free will.” I found this interesting that freewill is the requisite for humanity. An angle I have not heard. I would have answered differently, maybe as not a god or prone to fail. I will ponder.

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