Alright, in my second book EMPIRE (YA Fantasy), the MC goes to a new school, but it came to my attention that I need an initiating event! And it would be something that transpires after she transfers schools. Do you have any crazy things that happened to you in high school? A football game that you still remember? A certain special individual paying attention to you? I need some help here!

It might be helpful to know that EMPIRE has some Christian themes (but is not what you’d call “preachy”).


6 thoughts on “Initiation…

    • The event that caused the MC to change schools is revealed later, but once she gets to the new school, I would like some amount of attention to be brought to her (an embarrassing situation, a sports event, something!) but I’m not terribly picky right now. I am thinking about it and some new suggestions/experiences would be helpful!

  1. My first thought is a dress code violation. I was a tall and the same shorts that worked for the girls who were barely 5′ were way too short on me at 5’7″. One of the teachers called me out in front of everyone. He made me stand there and measured how long the shorts were, how many inches above my knees and how high above my extended fingertips. It was embarrassing. It only got worse when, after all that, I finally arrived at my next class just to have the teacher there do the same thing. It went on all day long. To this day, I won’t wear shorts. Skirts, sure, but never shorts. 😉

    • Love it! I went to Catholic HS and this happened to me once (I’m a shorty so it wasn’t a shorts thing but I did wear a 3/4 length shirt and it counted as a T-shirt since there wasn’t a collar on it). Thanks!

  2. Carrie – As I am now becoming a new fan of yours, I would like to contribute. As a cadet at the Air Force Academy over 20 years ago, we had several forms of “initiation” I could share with you. I’m not sure this one is helpful because the purpose of it was to try and keep one particular freshman from quitting, rather than pushing him away, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide. You can reach out to me for details if you wish. In an attempt to keep this undeclassman from quitiing, I took it upon myself to immerse him in the traditions of the Academy so that he could feel like he belonged to something bigger than the girlfriend at home in TN who was begging him to come home. One night, myself and two other upperclassmen woke him out of his sleep, placed a hood over his head, bound his hands, and led him outside to the trunk of my car. Loosely bound, he laid quietly in the trunk wondering, perhaps, if what was about to happen would be similar to the horror stories he must have read or seen on television. While blaring AC/DC’s Hell’s Bell’s throughout what may have seemed like an eternal car ride, we finally parked in the Academy Cemetary, removed his hood, and reminded him what the Academy was all about, and ultimatley what we had all collectively agreed to sacrifice. I reminded him that he was part of the same cadre who had made the ultimate sacrifice. I reminded him that he belonged to something bigger than himself. Fortunately, he did decide to stay the rest of the semester, but after Christmas, I think his girlfriend got the better of him. I can only imagine what his memories of that night have brought to him over the years, and I wonder if he ever has regrets about quitting. I wonder…

    • That story is awesome Art! Thank you for sharing it! I’m trying to think of how I could use something similar in EMPIRE. I know several of the Academy’s traditions since I pseudo-dated a Cadet in college (he drove me crazy with his ideas of how I should or should act and my reticence just intrigued him more!) I even went to Ring Dance and his graduation.
      I’d love to ask you a few questions if you’d have an opportunity to answer. I’m so glad that you found my work. Can I ask how you came across it? My website has my work email address if that would be easier to chat with you that way. It’s

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