What beauty used to be


I was just given this picture of Honey (my new book is about her) and I just had to share it. She was a Freshman in college so it was taken in either 1937 or 1938. Isn’t she a beauty in a way that “beauty” had real meaning? I feel that the word is overused today.


4 thoughts on “What beauty used to be

  1. Yes, she is gorgeous! Compare this to what people say is beautiful today – a world of plastic, tanned, thinned, as shallow as an empty puddle. Beauty is character, a deep history in your features, a personality that shines through the eyes. And, on a side note, I love how women wore their hair in the 1930s.

    Humph. I would love to find a lady like that. I love her name too, Honey.

    I’m intrigued by your book!

    • Thanks Will! I always thought she was interesting, which is why I thought others would as well. The book has some more pictures of her, including one where she’s rowing a boat in shorts (something that women in the late 30s and early 40s just didn’t do!)

  2. She really is beautiful. I kind of* collect old photographs and am fairly convinced that people just used to be more beautiful than they are now, or that black and white imparts that effect–I am often arrested by them in a way I rarely am by modern photos. She’s uniquely striking.

    (*”Kind of” in that, while I seek them out, I rarely buy them unless I feel like they resonate with me.)

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