The music that overflows out of words

This week  has been so exciting already, and it’s only Monday.

Copies of my book are making their way to their owners (and many have already been received), my website is up, and I have a meeting at the local newspaper on Thursday to give them a press copy.

I type this as I am taking a break from editing my second novel “Empire” and I’m remembering the music that seems to fill in between the words. There are two songs especially that play in my head during specific scenes, though I’m really not sure how they got in there (I’ve been listening to mostly Angels & Airwaves while writing this book).

Here are the two most palpable songs: 1) Coldplay – Politik (live version – skip to 2:30 if you like), and 2) Band of Horses – The Funeral



When you write, do you have similar moments that already have a soundtrack built into them? If so, what music is it? Are there lyrics? Or is it just a melody that saturates the story?  Please reply or tweet me @carrienyman as I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Also, my book “Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me?” is now on!


2 thoughts on “The music that overflows out of words

  1. I love that you listen to music to help you write. I also like your music choices. I listened to a lot of Green Day – Brain Stew while writing term papers in college.

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