Hope is a thing with feathers

I received the proof copy of my book today. And I feel like in the last few months, I have experienced more (physical) pain and more happiness than I ever anticipated. There might be those who tell you that you can’t do something, that you aren’t capable, that you aren’t talented enough. When others tell you that you can’t, you must. I knew that sending queries to different agents would land me in a sea of rejections and “we’ll let you know”s, but what hope and pain prepare you for is success. And seeing my novel in my hands – and on Amazon, on the Sunbury Press’s website – fills me with such a sense of accomplishment.

I was meant to write this novel, and now it’s here, and I don’t know how to feel other than happy and grateful. If I never do anything else in life besides what I have done: marry a great guy, raise two beautiful children, and get this book published (without the help of an agent or self-publishing) than that would be enough.

Hope is a thing with feathers: it makes us light, and takes us to where we need to be. I am thankful for it all. Thank you to my family and friends. Thank you, doubters, for pushing me on. Thank you for reading this. It makes all the work that much more satisfying.


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