it’s peanut butter jelly time

*Please excuse if I get a little too happy here*

On Saturday, my publisher emailed me the cover art for my book (which is super cute btw and looks like an old LIFE magazine cover!) And if my email back could have squealed in delight, well, it would have. Here it is:

Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me?

Why Aren't You Sweet Like Me?

On Tuesday, I found out that my book is available for pre-order from the Sunbury Press and will be released soon! I was so excited that I was dancing around my house like an idiot, and it reminded me of this feeling:

***If the video isn’t working, here’s a link to it:

It’s from an episode of “My Life As Liz” (great show…first season) and I am still amazed when I get that super giggly, girly, way-too-excited-for-my-own-good feeling when something cool happens. It felt like when Nate Compton *almost* asked me to Prom junior year but it turned out that he was asking for his best friend, Lars, the beautiful Norwegian exchange student who was a great dancer but I could only understand every third word that he said. That kind of excited. There’s a bittersweetness to it as I know that there is still so much work to be done to make this book successful.

Oh! and if you go to and click on New Releases, my book is the first one there. It’ll be out next month, so if you’d like the ebook, wait until that’s up on amazon!


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