This is a little odd for me…talking to myself (as narrating a novel is a bit different…)

My first novel, Why Aren’t You Sweet Like Me – which is about my grandmother’s amazing life before and during WWII – is going to be published by the Sunbury Press later this year or early 2012 (it’s in the editing process right now and so the timeline is fuzzy) and I’m anticipating doing a ton of marketing work for it! I have two young children, so that’ll be fun learning to juggle the little ruffians and working on the second novel and getting the word out on this one.

I’m really looking forward to talking to my publisher about the book cover because I got Honey’s approval to use pictures of her and my grandfather if I (and the publisher) choose. I believe that Honey doesn’t want attention drawn to herself, and so I am trying to diffuse it, but I would love those images to represent the book. I am torn, however. Given that the novel is historical fiction and I wasn’t there for what took place, I must take certain creative liberties; although, there is little creativity as far as the plot is concerned. It’s a fictionalized version of a complicated love story, and not an actuality. So how do I balance the reality with the fictitious? We will see.


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